Feast of Love

Feast Of Love

In Theatres: 
Sep 28, 2007
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 42 Minutes

Feast Of Love begins with a metaphor about the Greek god’s being bored and creating humans, love, and laughter. Later there are even more metaphors for life, death, and love. The film tries to tie these metaphors into a handful of relationships that for the most part are flawed and somewhat damaged and the differences between men and women. There is a man who seems destined to be alone, a young couple destined to be together, and an older couple destined to figure out where they are long after a tragedy in their lives.  Yes, its another one of those movies with a somewhat large cast where the writer and director attempt to tie all their plotlines together with meaning.

I understood where the film was attempting to go and it helped that the film had mature humor that was easy to laugh at simply because of its familiarity to all things in life. Morgan Freeman as usual seems to be the center of knowledge and yet his character is stricken by the flaws of his character enough to keep him from looking to preachy. I thought that all of the characters were lacking in chemistry, all except for Alexa Davalos and Toby Hemmingway, who play the young couple in love. That fact maybe what hurt this film the most, the lack of chemistry.

Greg Kinnear’s character had to have been the worst of all of the characters. Kinnear as usual puts in a performance that is neither good nor bad but acceptable but his character felt to stereotyped. Its like everything that women see wrong in men was personified in his character. To absent, to controlling, to needy, to cowardly. His character needed depth, especially since his plotline seemed to be the center of everything.

There is a line in the film that says something about love that swayed my opinion of the overall scheme involving love in the film. For me it seemed as if the writer for this film had a very low grasp on love as a whole. For the most part it was sex, and during these scenes it seemed that all of the characters were at their happiest. When the characters were fully clothed and interacting the mood went downhill from there. I don’t know if the direction the film was trying to go in was that sex is love and happiness or what but there seemed to be far to much nudity and sexual content for it to be without a message. In the end it just felt like the writer was coming from a jaded point of view on love.

This film makes for a good rental, in my opinion, but all together it felt like random events all thrown together with no deeper meaning other then love is not real.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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