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Feast Of Love

Feast Of Love

On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 42 Minutes

Love. It is something we all tend to experience at some point in our lifetime. Love can bring two people together and it can also make them do crazy things. Feast of Love depicts the stories of multiple individuals and their encounters with love and romance. Staring Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear, the film goes into what love is for these people. It includes the young, the old, the homosexual, and the heartbroken. Freeman is excellent in the film. His narrations are stunning and seem to keep things interesting throughout. Of course, what is a film about love without a few sex scenes? There are times when you wonder if they are actually necessary. The film could have been done without them but it was not distastefully done as it usually is in movies. At times, the pace of the film is slow, making you want to fast forward to something actually interesting. It could have definitely been cut down to make things more interesting.

There really are no extras given; none of the usual commentary, deleted scenes, and other stuff. All the DVD boasts is a feature that includes interviews with the cast about the film. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. The interviews were mediocre and I was looking for something more. Overall, I was not too impressed with the DVD. In theaters, it was a pretty decent film but there really is no point to own the DVD unless you are an absolute fan of the cast. Renting it is your best option if you are just dying to see the film as there is nothing special to make you want to keep it.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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