For a good time, Call: The Soundtrack

"For a good time, Call: The Soundtrack"

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“For a good time, Call” was a movie that was released in theaters earlier this year. The storyline involves two female college enemies that end up living together and have to somehow make ends meet. They devise a plan and start their own phone sex hotline. The movie did not sound all that interesting, but I had hoped the soundtrack would at least provide some good music, but was disappointed.

The first 3 songs of the soundtrack did not sound too bad, but seemed to be oozing a lot of bubble gum pop goodness. The following tracks were a different story and were mostly comprised of indie rock songs with a totally different mood. Out of all 12 tracks on the CD, I did not recognize any of the artist and I did not have a favorite track in particular. If I were to guess what the movie were about based on the songs from this soundtrack alone, I would it assume it was about a pop star that starts using drugs. I know I am wrong, but it just shows that there was a total disconnect between the movie soundtrack and the actual movie.

I have heard way better soundtracks and songs inspired by movies than anything on this CD. The songs on this soundtrack were not horrible, but I would not want to listen to any of the songs a 2nd time either. If you like Indie Rock and bad pop music, this CD might appeal to you, but it was a total skip for me. For those reasons, I am giving “For a good time, Call” a ‘D+.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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