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Foreign Talks: Foreign Talks

Foreign Talks

(Foreign Talks)
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Music is an art that is emotional for both the listener and the musicians playing the music. Everyone knows that for every band that creates a song they will have a different way of creating that song. A band that has been around for years will have their music age along with them so that when they first started off their music could have used a lot of youthful energy while as older people they might have a more mature sound to their songs. Foreign Talks is a band that is composed of 4 guys, or maybe I should say 4 young men, who have only been playing together since 2011 but though they are young and they have a short history together, their music has a youthful and mature sound to it.
They might be young, their songs might have a youthful essence to it, but the music is well played and it's fun to listen to. I like the energy these songs have where I didn't know what to expect to hear while listening to it. With the second song, “Santa Cruz”, I was really enjoying the chords being played on the guitar while the vocals had me listening to what was being said when out of nowhere the whistling began. By the time the song played for the second time I was starting to whistle along, and now that I've listened a few times I am whistling every time along with the song. It's fun and it's natural and that's what all of these songs, fun and natural.
Foreign Talks might have some moments when the vocals go off key but it actually works with the songs. It's these few moments where the natural sound of the band is heard the most and it adds to the overall effect of the song. What I think I like the most is that the lyrics are more like a poem being sung where there's none of the usual cussing or shock lyrics trying to make the songs sound tough or edgy. These are songs that you listen to because they sound good, they are fun to sing, the beats are catchy, the lyrics have a meaning, and it never sounds the same. Foreign Talks has a inventive and explortory sound to their songs where they want to find ways to sound good and it comes across in their music. Sure they have some growing to do but they are still young and they will grow and become better which will only improve on their already quite good music.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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