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Foxy & Co. (PREVIEW)

Foxy & Co.

Regular Air Date: 
Tuesday @ 10/9c
Air Date: 
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Popular former Face Off contestant Eric Fox (aka Foxy) is joined by Face Off contestants Nicole Chilelli, RJ Haddy and Roy Wooley as he attempts to start his own make-up effects studio in the Syfy Original, Foxy & Co.
My first impression with the show, the first ten minutes or so, were give and take. I thought RJ came off a bit strong as the zany cartoonish kid of the bunch. It made me really scared that I would simply end up watching people acting for the camera. We all know that reality television isn’t all it’s chalked up to be (ahem scripted). 
By the middle of the show I was drawn in by the character and their plights in the pilot episode. Foxy and the crew are busy working on some stuff for a zombie film while RJ and Nicole contract out on a job for a breast cancer awareness group. 
I’m absolutely over Zombies, I know a lot of people still love them, but the episode ended up being more about the camaraderie of the crew as they struggled to make the effect work and also the way they, despite time constraints, found time to help one another and celebrity each others individualism. I really thought that this fleshed out the characters in a good way. 
The episode wasn’t quite as hectic, or possibly not captured quite as hectically, as shows like Face Off or Heroes of Cosplay, but maybe this was a one off and the crew just had this job in the bag. Either way I loved the designs and found myself looking forward to the show’s future endeavors. I highly suggest.  
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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