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Fred 3: Camp Fred

Fred 3: Camp Fred

On DVD: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Running Time: 
80 minutes

I’ll admit it, when Fred Figglehorn first arrived on the scene I thought the characters creator (Lucas Cruikshank) was a creative kid that did big things with very little- that being a voice effect, silly stories, and a heaping amount of charisma and flamboyance. My kids thought it was funny, being a big kid myself I thought it was funny. Several years later I thought it was a bit overkill. Now with two movies behind him, Fred Figglehorn returns in Fred 3: Camp Fred. An Ernest Goes To Camp kind of feature that should have been regrettable, but actually ended up being pretty fun.

Fred has been dreaming of going to Camp Superior, named so because it is superior in every way. They have waterslides, Shetland ponies, waffle bars, and monkey butlers (okay so that last one is just a pipe dream). Instead, Fred’s Mom (Siobhan Fallon Hogan; New In Town) decides it’s too expensive and sends him to Camp Iwannapeepee, Camp Superior’s long time competition in the camp summer games, which Superior has won for decades, proving competition is a word used loosely. Fred is devastated, and after being forced (literally) to go, he must learn to make the best of it.

The camp is run by highly allergic camp owner Floyd (Tom Arnold; The Best Damn Sports Show Period), who believes a boy will come and lead his camp to victory in the summer games. The camp stocked with quirky campers and an inept camp staff as well. So despite his attempts to suffer through being at one of the worst camps known to man, Fred can’t keep up the ruse. After a less then inspirational talk from his imaginary Father (John Cena; The Marine) Fred finally befriends his bunkmates and finds out that not all is lost. Things are starting to look up.

Unfortunately as soon as Fred starts to enjoy his time at Camp Iwannapeepee, the camps rivals, Camp Superior, show up to cause trouble. Worse, one of the campers from Superior is Fred’s long time nemesis Kevin (Jake Weary: As The World Turns). Despite the fact that Fred doesn’t believe his camp has a chance at the summer games due to a lack of talent, strength, or even will, he knows Camp Iwannapeepee must win, if only to beat Kevin. Can his ragtag team of friends, each with unique abilities that may prove useless in the real world, defeat the lifetime winning streak of Camp Superior’s reign? Is Fred the boy prophesied to take Camp Iwannapeepee to their first victory? Will Fred get a monkey butler? Find out in Fred 3: Camp Fred.

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AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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