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Friday Night Lights: Season 5

Friday Night Lights

On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Bonus Features

Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, The Lights Go Out Featurette, Commentaries

Dillon, TX is a town that thrives on the high school football games that happen on Friday nights. All sorts of drama happens in Dillon that gets overshadowed by the games but not forgotten. With Coach Tyalor (played by Kyle Chandler) trying to get his team to state, there’s Tim (played by Taylor Kitsch) who still has some time left in jail. With this final season of the show everything is coming to a closure with the team and the residents of Dillon, TX.

My Thoughts on Friday Night Lights:
This is just another typical drama show like any other where all the characters seem to have problems arise from nothing. Not only that but they are always just huge problems that for some reason is going to destroy the life of the person they are happening to. Only difference with ‘Friday Night Lights’ is that it is also about football games. Though this didn’t appeal to me much to make me like the show.

Though I don’t really like the plot lines happening here in the show with the one character in jail, the family problems, the football games, and every other drama point, the acting is done pretty well. The main character of the coach that’s played by Kyle Chandler is shown really well by his portrayal of the character. I’ve seen him in past shows and like his style of acting and he has a way of bringing out the flaws of a character really well. As for the rest of the cast they all do a well job in how they show their characters, just too bad there has to be all that drama.

Maybe if I was more into football games I would have enjoyed this season more than what I did but overall this last season of the show wasn’t that impressive to me. However, I did like how the show did have a nice closure to it at the end where I was not left hanging like way too many of the shows I’ve seen over the years have ended, with no closure. Though the plots are about the same in each episode there is a decent set up to the flow of the show that allows it to move along smoothly. I never got bored with the show, there’s a lot of action happening in it, and enough storylines going on to not have any down moments, there’s just a little too much of the drama in it for my taste.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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