On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Running Time: 
83 minutes

Billy Wagstaff is accepted to the Pine Mountain Snowboarding Academy and he is sure he will be the best student there. But when he arrives he realizes that everyone at the Academy hates him, there is a feud going on between the rich students and the poor town kids, and Billy is stuck in the middle. Now he is going to have to snowboard the Goat (the biggest and dangerous mountain around) to earn respect.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. You can tell that they were trying for funny but missed it and hit pathetic. I have seen better acting in an after school special. The dialog is choppy and filled with horrible puns. The only decent this about this movie is when they show actual snowboarders performing tricks; but then this gets interrupted by the awful acting. They add in naked girls and Traci Lords as a sad attempt to try to gain some audience. Truthfully I think it would still be a struggle to find this movie amusing even if you were stoned, drunk, and intoxicated in any other way.

Review by Pandora
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