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Future Diary: Part Two

Future Diary

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Thursday, October 17, 2013
So Future Diary, for those that don’t know or those that haven’t read my previous review on the first half of the complete series, is an anime series that focuses on a handful of people who’s cell phones have been granted the ability to see into the future. The entire series revolves around Yuki Amano, Yuno Gasai, and Deus, a God who plans on choosing his successor through a bloody game involving all those whom he has granted the future ability. 
In the first half of the series we watch as Yuki quickly becomes the target of the other ten diary holders and the obsession of Yuno Gasai, a somewhat insane crush who will do anything to protect Yuki, even kill, repeatedly. 
The series is flush with a plethora of side characters whose goal weaves in and out of helping or hurting Yuki. Some of the outcomes are less then original but the progression of Yuki and Yuno’s characters is what keeps us going. 
In the second half of the series it seems like Yuki is finally accepting the fact that he may truly be in love with Yuno. In the closing episodes of the first half we see Yuki and Yuno headed out on a bus to star gaze. Things don’t quite turn out that way though. 
With the involvement of school friends, a detective, and a terrorist, Yuki eventually emerges as a true player of Deus’ game. What’s his motivation? It’s a pretty generic one that’s been done to death in these type of sci-fi scenario’s, but it works. 
Other questions that we were left with from season one find their answers and, oh boy, the reveal is pretty amazing. I think in the grand scope of things this anime would make JJ Abrams proud as it digs deep into some perplexing science fiction that is reminiscent of Fringe, The Matrix, and even Abrams Star Trek reboot. It was a mind blowing ending with an adrenaline inducing introduction to Yuki’s character as he rises up. Great stuff. 
AJ Garcia
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