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Gate Keepers: The New Threat (Volume 4)

Gate Keepers

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2002

These three episodes take the Keepers through three very different journeys. First they find their selves trapped in a world of illusions where fantasies become realities. Next they must stop a bullet train controlled by Kikai Shogun. The final episode introduces Yukino a strange girl who speaks in poetry.

The first episode is barely short of a porn-anime putting all the girls in bikinis. But the second episode picks up and has the Keepers fighting to save Shun. The 3rd episode may lack in action but brings in one of the most interesting characters yet. There is little movement in a story line; but there is some decent character development. The bonus features include an art gallery, and original Japanese opening and ending. This isn’t one of the greatest anime’s out there but it isn’t the worst either. This DVD is worth it for fans; but if you like action pass it up.

Review by Pandora
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