Get Him to the Greek

Get Him To The Greek

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Jun 04, 2010
Truly a live performance...

Russell Brand filmed scenes of him performing as rock star Aldous Snow at his sell out comedy show - "Scandalous", at the O2 arena in London, in front of an audience of 20,000 fans.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was one of the funniest movies of 2008 and created the ultra rock star that is Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). While he was only in the film to create drama between Pete Bretter and Sarah Marshall, he was popular enough to garner his own spin-off.

Get Him to the Greek marks the return of Aldous Snow to the rock stage as he attempts to repair his broken image after a horrendous song called "African Child." It's up to Aaron Green (Jonah Hill), an intern at Capitol Records, to jumpstart his career by getting him to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. It's not going to be that easy since all this rocker wants to do is party and have a good time aka sex and drugs. Aaron is going to be in for the ride of his life.

The film is much of the same crude and random humor we have come to expect from producer Judd Apatow. If you're a fan of FSM, then you will no doubt fall in love with this as well. There are plenty of references to the film and even some awesome references such as "Inside of You" and even a brief cameo from Kristen Bell. For the most part, the two films remain in the same universe that's been created. The only thing that has changed is Jonah Hill, who is playing a completely different character than before although he still retains his deep love for Aldous Snow.

One of the biggest surprises was Sean Combs as Sergio Roma, the executive of Capitol Records in charge of the whole operation. You only see bits and pieces of him in the trailers but overall, the man is a comedic genius. Together with Brand and Hill, the three of them create some of the best lines I've heard in years. The film is full of these hilarious, quotable one liners that will no doubt be retold to death by friends and coworkers.

The film portrays a much different yet familiar version of Aldous Snow we've seen before. Yes, he's still the party animal and goof we know but his character develops throughout the film into something much deeper. Yes, development in a teen comedy; mind blowing isn't it? Don't worry, this doesn't happen till the end so there's plenty of time for him to attract Aaron to the dark side filled with booze, babes, and late night adrenaline shots.

Get Him to the Greek is the funniest movie you'll see all year and is a fantastic follow up to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's a shame that Jason Segel doesn't make an appearance despite being one of the writers, but you'll love it nonetheless. Definitely see it at least twice as you'll be laughing so much the first time, you'll miss some of the jokes.

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