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Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ghost Hunters International is a spin off from the popular SCI FI channel show, Ghost Hunters.

Much like their U.S. counterpart, which follows TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) members using common sense and science to debunk ghosts, Ghost Hunters International is comprised of a group of investigators out to debunk or find evidence of paranormal activity. Many of the cast members of Ghost Hunters International are former TAPS members and are veterans at investigating for evidence of other worldly entities.

Equipped with electronic equipment like digital thermometers, EMF (electromagnetic field) scanners, infrared and night vision cameras, and digital audio recorders, Ghost Hunters International focuses on the investigation of more ancient locations outside the USA such as a 1,400- year-old Lucedio Abbey in Italy or the Lornach Castle in New Zealand.

It is always hard not to compare a spin off with the original show and rarely is the spin off as great as the original. Ghost Hunters International unfortunately is no different. The locations the team goes to are certainly more dramatic, but GH is a reality show and on screen chemistry is a must for a show of this nature. That is one of the selling points of the original Ghost Hunters, the team chemistry for the most part is always smooth and enjoyable.

While there is some good chemistry between the members of Ghost Hunters International it is nothing like the original and varies between flat to downright boring. Granted chemistry takes time to grow but without it a show like this can not survive. Still worth watching for any Ghost Hunter fan or just a fan of the paranormal.

Review by William Henderson