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Ghost Hunters: Pacific Aviation Museum (PREVIEW)

Ghost Hunters

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ghost Hunters has had its fair share of mystery surrounding it, after all, they do explore supposedly haunted locations in search for the paranormal. Currently in its seventh season, SyFy plans to air a special episode on June 1st in which TAPS investigates the Pacific Aviation Museum, the site of Pearl Harbor.

Thousands of soldiers lost their lives when the military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese in December of 1941. It’s an event that will always be remembered by the United States and one that directly caused us to enter World War II. The Pacific Aviation Museum pays tribute to the lives lost and even has buildings and wreckage from that fateful day, still riddled with bullet holes.

There have been rumors of sounds and ghosts populating the museum, so naturally the Ghost Hunters want to get to the bottom of it. The majority of the episode is exactly what you would expect from the show. Mysterious sounds, random “sightings;” basically the same things in all episodes. There are, however, a few surprises. I won’t go and spoil the fun by telling you what they are but it’s more than just a shadow across the hanger.

Regardless of whether or not anything is staged, this Ghost Hunters special is entertaining. I am disappointed in how it ends with a “To be continued…” and doesn’t go into any of the evidence collected. Plus, the way they leave is just as cheesy as ever. There’s another case so let’s immediately leave Hawaii and get to it? C’mon, really?

The Pacific Aviation Museum special of Ghost Hunters manages to be more entertaining that many other episodes from the series but still suffers from some of the same downfalls as the rest. You’ll be entertained but as far as providing proof that ghosts exist, that’s somewhat of a stretch.

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Matt Rodriguez
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