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Ghost Hunters: Season 6: Part 2 (BLU-RAY)

Ghost Hunters

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If you happened to have to read my review for Ghost Hunters Season Six: Part One on Blu-Ray its safe to say that nothing much has changed by way of picture and audio for the second half release of Ghost Hunters Season 6. It does manage to drop a grade level though due to a lack of bonus features. I mean, come on. We’ve all seen the fact checking crew watching and listening to hours and hours of video footage and audio footage. There had to have been something they could have supplemented this release with. Bloopers, Interviews, even a text based bonus feature on the equipment they use (not that we haven‘t been given lessons on equipment on the show since episode one, season one). Considering the shows Blu-Ray release is in 1080i, the same video quality rate used for HD TV, people, if they were so inclined, would be better off using their DVR to record the show in HD and boycotting this particular Blu-Ray release. Really? Just the show.

As I said last time, the show is shot using various amounts of video equipment from regular cameras to night vision cameras and beyond. This causes an inconsistency in picture quality. The lower you go in video equipment the more the picture has to contend with video noise, loss of clarity and color, sometimes significant loss. Also like last time colors are brilliant during daytime scenes when the show uses a conventional camera but there is a small amount of grain and clarity issues. Again, that’s just the way the show is recorded. You go in expecting this, well, if you’re a videophile anyway. Audio is still decent allowing you that extra boost, depending on your TV and surround sounds capability, to hear audio evidence clearer and the shows eerie soundtrack gets that welcomed bump to add a bit more chills and thrills to the show.

Nothing, zip, nada, zilch, zero. My hope that bonus features would arrive for Season 6 in the second half Blu-Ray release did not come to fruition. See my above statement to go with that.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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