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Ghost Hunters: Season 8, Part 1

Ghost Hunters

Season 8
Regular Air Date: 
Wednesdays @ 9PM ET/PT
Air Date: 
Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The set comes in a DVD case that features the annoying one slot set holder that has all the discs sitting ontop of one another. If the lock ever breaks your left with a handful of loose discs. Not in love with this feature. 

Reality television has been a wonder for me. I never thought the format would still be around after all these years, let alone make up for a lot of must see TV. Along that same line I never thought a reality series that followed real life Ghost Hunters would last as long as this series has.

This release is the first half of Season 8 and features more of the same, it even includes the departure of one of the founding members of the show. We follow the GH as they examine six separate cases that lead up to the final appearances of the departed member (not that everyone doesn’t know who it is by now.

If you know me, you know that I don’t put to much stock into these supernatural reality shows. This time around I figured I’d just have a little fun and watch to see if anything extraordinary occurs and try not to overanalyze it.

The crew head to mostly mild places where they capture noises that may or may not be voices, sounds that could be supernatural footsteps or ghostly movement, or could just be mice in the walls. I did enjoy one episode off the first disc where the crew go into a run down damn and capture an exceedingly large amount of movement and strange noises. In trying not to overanalyze the episode I put it to the back of my mind that the place looked rather open and could be host to any kind of animal that decided to wander in.

There were quite a few funny moments, such as when two crew members head into a dark hallway and get freaked out over spiders, or when one cam handler gets side swiped by a bird. Another episode finds the crew investigating Bubie’s Brewery (pronounced boobies). The crew get it out of their system but you can’t help but giggle childishly when Grant asks if Grandpa Bubie is home or when the crew use the name excessively. Maybe that was their way of desensitizing the word before they entered the brewery.

Fans of the show know what their getting into, and with so many other ghost shows, some even extending from this one, there’s hardly a soul (pun intended) that doesn’t know what their in for. Gets kind of old when you live in a house that loves this stuff and you see the same locations from the other shows reinvestigated by a different crew, but it is what it is. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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