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Ghost Hunters: Season Six (PREVIEW)

Ghost Hunters

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not only are the “Ghost Hunters” starting their 6th Season; but they are also celebrating their 100th Episode. So what will they do in honor of this? They will set their sights on Alcatraz and team up with Barry FitzGerald and Dustin Pari from “Ghost Hunters International” for the investigation. Sounds cool doesn’t it? Yeah I think so too; but that is not the episode I was sent to preview for season six. I get the second episode of the season where the team sets off to investigate “Fort Ticonderoga”.

First thing though Grant is not present for this episode. Still with me? Good. Ok so not as cool as Alcatraz; but nonetheless it can be entertaining for fans. Fort Ticonderoga has had reports of various noises, sightings, and odd events taking place all over in multiple buildings, on the grounds, and out in the cemetery. Jason begins with a tour of the grounds, listening to the various reports. Once he receives all the information it is time for his team to set up and prepare for the night. There is a lot of ground to cover and with it come a lot of various potential supernatural occurrences. Sounds of people walking, strange sounds that almost sound like replies, flashes of light, and possible furniture moving. This gives them a lot of data to sift through later trying to determine what they can rule out and what they cannot.

This is the type of show that you either enjoy or you hate. Little to nothing ever gets caught on camera as it is more people standing in the dark constantly whispering “What was that?” and running around in the direction that something came from but not a single camera was managed to be pointed at. If you have liked past seasons then I see no reason why you shouldn’t tune in to see the Alcatraz episode and then again on March 10th for Fort Ticonderoga. But if you have hated this show in the past I’m sure you are not going to find anything different about it now, unless you want a good laugh then you might just have one as two of the most vanilla girls I have seen in the world attempt to upset a ghost by criticize its cooking skills. I’m sure that ghost was really hurt when you told them that you heard they were a terrible cook and then explain into the camera that you were just trying to upset them. Couldn’t have the people at home thinking you were really that mean even for a minute? Maybe it is just me but if you are under the assumption that ghosts can understand what you are saying as far as you insulting them then I’m pretty sure they can understand you explaining that you didn’t mean it and are just trying to upset them too. Or do ghost have selective hearing? Hmmmmm guess I haven’t watched enough “Ghost Hunters” to know for sure.

Grade is for fans because let's face it if you are still interested in this show you have to be a fan.

Review by Pandora
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