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Ghost Mine (PREVIEW)

Mining for gold is part of American history as well as being a major source of money for the country and people. Some mines bring profit and some bring death but there are a few that have been left alone because of fears. Fears that have left the Crescent Mine of Sumpter, Oregon un-mined for the last 80 years and a town full of myths. Stories surround the mine of ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal experiences that have kept anyone from wanting to continue mining it for the gold it supposedly holds. After 80 long years a new owner, Larry Overman, has brought together a mining crew of experienced men to a few greenhorns in an attempt to strike it rich. With knowing the ghost stories of Crescent Mine, Larry has also brought in 2 paranormal experts to run tests and possibly prove that the mine really is haunted. But with having a red-haired woman going into Crescent Mine at the same time as the miners might bring more disaster for Larry and his goals long before any ghost does.


Well, I got to say that Ghost Mine was quite the different show to watch while also being the exact same show to watch. Here's what the show is about, a mine that is supposedly haunted while being mined for gold and ghosts. This show is set up where it tells about the miners, what they have to do, what life is like as a miner, and going into the mine for the gold. In this aspect it's another reality show about gold miners, nothing new. Flip side of the coin, Ghost Mine is about 2 paranormal investigators going into the mine to look for what might be behind all the unexplained ghost stories of Crescent Mine while also having to deal with the very superstitious miners, also nothing new. However, these two have now been put together where the show is now a half and half making it actually a little more interesting to watch than if it was just one or the other.

Reading the description of this show made me laugh because the idea of a show about miners and ghost seemed sort of funny. It still does but after watching the Ghost Mine my mind has changed a little about what I first considered to be a funny thought. This first of six episodes of Ghost Mine turned out to be interesting because it was going into a place that would actaully be scary to be in, even with no ghost. I've been in a coal mine and I can say from experience that it's a very spooky place to be no matter how many people are around you or how many lights you got turned on. This show builds on the fear that comes from being underground, cut off from the outside world, and alone by having the idea of there actually being ghosts there with you. There's a nice balance of the gold mine aspect shown while mixing in the paranormal portions.

Though I might have found this show a little more interesting than most other reality shows of similar type, it's still not that great of a show. If not for the mixture of the 2 types of shows I would have been bored with it pretty quickly. Ghost Mine still has the same building blocks as all reality shows which is the drama, lots of repetitive dialog, and cliffhangers before commercial breaks that is follow by showing what happened right before the commercial again before showing what happened next. It's also an hour long, which is too long for this show. If the start of the blocks out of commercial breaks cut out the repeating of what was shown before the break as well as some of the useless interviews telling what was already said by another cast member, Ghost Mine could easily have been a half hour show. If it was only a half hour it would have to move along at a quicker pace where all that was being shown is the interesting parts. Still, for what it is, Ghost Mine was interesting with telling the myths of the miners, showing some cool and spooky mines, and for having the sense to mix up the same format some to give a show that's a little different.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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