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“Ghoul” stars Nolan Gould of the popular comedy “The Modern Family”.  He plays Timmy Graco who lives in a town plagued by a ghoul that lives in the old mines of his town.  The ghoul has been terrorizing their town with disappearances since a major mine accident that happened years before Timmy and his friends were born. 

Timmy and his best friends have managed to find an underground fort to meet but is really an old mine shaft located under a cemetery in their town.  A series of events leads Timmy and his friends to find the Ghoul’s layer underground.  When they do, they find 3 girls from the town that have been missing and the Ghoul has taken.  After a daring rescue they find that the Ghoul is not as ghoulish as they thought; in fact a human-being trapped underground in the mine for years.

Ok, this movie was not spectacular at all.  The special effects were “SyFy-ish” at best.  The special effects budget definitely was small.  The movie production was great but the story line was lame.  When I finished watching the film, I was left confused about why was this movie made.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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