GI Joe Renegades: Season 1 Volume 1

GI Joe Renegades

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

While on a secret mission to investigate the world wide company Cobra Industries, a team of elite military soldiers are framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Now on the run from both the military that they love and serve as well as the evil corporation Cobra, Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Tunnel Rat, Ripcord, and Snake Eyes have to use every skill set they have just to remain free. Though they face life in prison if caught, the Joes will not stop until they are able to prove their innocence while also bringing an end to Cobra.

G.I. Joe Renegades is the newest animation of the very popular army toys that takes the Joes from being the goods chasing down the bad guys to them being chased. This is idea is one that I really enjoyed and made me like the animation a lot more than I first expected to. Before now the story lines for G.I. Joe where always the same, the Joes would chase down Cobra because they were doing something evil or trying to take over the world in a evil fashion. By the end of each episode, the Joes would win the battle, save the day, and then go on their way until the next battle.

What Renegades does is change the status quo for the heroes by making them into villains and the villains into the heroes, at least in the public eye. Cobra is this huge corporation that has their hands in everything from pies to weapons but of course they are still up to illegal acts. When the Joes go to investigate if Cobra is dealing with illegal weapons, Cobra attacks them but it looks as if the Joes did the unprovoked attack. Now the government, including some friends, as well as having Cobra wanting to get them to make sure they don’t let the truth be known, is hunting them down. Of course they still find time to help out the local people of some trouble they are having while staying one step ahead of the ones that’s chasing them.

This new version and idea gave this show a new feel to it making it a whole lot of fun to watch. I really liked the fact that Snake Eyes, the ninja, was someone that starts off as being someone the team didn’t trust, except for Scarlett. I also liked the 2 part episode dealing with Snake Eyes and his dojo. Every episode on this volume 1 DVD set of season 1 was good. It’s been given an updated look where the characters are wearing what would be civilized military gear and clothing for such an elite team while Snake Eyes remains in his visor mask covered face and ninja gear. I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t like about the show, even the opening theme that reminds me of an 80’s television show that had a similar theme of good guy military guys on the run for a crime they didn’t commit. Most of all though, I liked the idea that Cobra wasn’t being seen as this big time evil group that wants to take over the world, even though they are, the public just don’t know about it.

This new version of the show has a darker feel to it yet still keeps with the team being able to do the good thing. That is except for the pilot episode which did something I never expected with G.I. Joe where even after being 4 episodes in I expected it to change but never did. There’s pretty much non stop action in this series that’s being backed by decent story plots, twists, and even some laughs. G.I. Joe Renegades has taken an old show that had a corny, unbelievable premise and turned it into something that’s fresh, fun, with a little realism to it while making it so that adults that knew the original 80’s cartoon can like it and to introduce to new fans while keeping it so that kids can watch and enjoy. I would have liked to seen some special features on this DVD set, maybe how the art is drawn, what made the writers go with the idea of the Joes being on the run, or anything really that could have been used as a special feature.


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