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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Did You Know?

Brandon Fraser, Arnold Vosloo, and Kevin J. O'Conner who all starred in Sommers The Mummy appear in this film.

Cashing in on the toy franchise turned live action movie franchise G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra brings about every aspect that made the Transformers films what they are. Hundreds of explosions, CGI around every turn, lame one liners, the works. If it fails I would be surprised. Its Transformers people, without the robots. Loud, obnoxious at times, but somewhat entertaining.

As usual this is an introduction to the world of G.I. Joe for those not in the know. A secret faction of the military which only recruit’s the very best, never mind the fact that Joe gets his butt handed to him several times in this film by only a handful of bad guys, trust me these special soldiers are the very best. Duke and Ripcord are the new guys who happen upon both Cobra and G.I. Joe one fateful night and find themselves part of the program after a bit of training. Storylines intertwine between Cobra and Joe characters and the birth of main good and bad guys evolves throughout the picture. Obviously not Oscar material but definitely a film that does not give you time to come to any real realization weather or not you like what your seeing.

Casting is a bit off I thought. Channing Tatum seems like the kid off the street playing G.I. Joe, or as someone told me, came off a bit too Mark Wahlberg. Marlon Wayan’s for what he has to work with is hilarious but underused and Dennis Quaid as usual manages to come off completely false. Biggest disappointments come in the forms of Christopher Eccleston and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Eccleston isn’t as villainous as we’ve seen him and is mostly underused and Joseph Gordon-Levitt issues a big question mark. What’s worse is the overuse of CGI. When sets aren't ridiculously overdone the film takes on a video game like quality. Two Joe’s, as seen in the trailer, jump, bounce, and fly in horribly bulky looking suits, again, issuing a Transformers like destruction across the screen. Its nothing we haven’t seen already this year but its G.I. Joe, uh, sort of. Again, if Transformers can pull in the numbers it did, G.I. Joe is sure to be a smash hit. If not, blame it on a popularity contest. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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