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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nothing can be any worse for a guy than being allergic to girls but that’s exactly the situation that Yukinari finds himself in. Every time a girl talks to him or gets near him he becomes really flustered. Though when a girl actually touches him he breaks out in hives all over and will sometimes faint. That is until he gets whisked away to another world called Seiren, a world populated almost all by girls. This is where he meets Miharu, the only girl that he can get close to, talk to, and is actually able to touch him without causing him any sort of problems. Now, only if he could get his next door neighbor Kirie from beating him senseless every time she thinks he is being a pervert.

This animation is one of the oddest that I’ve seen in a while. Ok, not really so much as odd as more dirty. Not x-rated or pornographic dirty but dirty in the way of topless girls running around a lot with a lot of bouncing involved. The plot has a little potential to it, with a guy that likes girls but just can’t get near them or touch them but when the theme became how many girls can be thrown in the show showing as much skin as possible or wearing the skimpiest clothes they can, I started to lose interest.

I really couldn’t get into liking this animation. Sure I know as a guy that I’m supposed to be ingrained to like watching girls wearing near to nothing, walking around in their underwear, and being naked but it could be because they are just drawings, it could be that I found the show a little trite, or it could be that it made me feel a little perverted for watching it. Most of the plots of the episodes are the same, Yukinari finds himself in a situation that has him looking for or having to help the girl Miharu while also getting beat up by the girl Kirie.
Each character in this show was just something I was not really getting. I know that cartoon characters are not supposed to react like a real human being but for the most part there is still some sort of similarities between the two. However in this animation these characters act nothing like anything like an actual person. First there’s the main character who starts off the show by being a peeping tom. Ok, so that part is real and actually happens, but then having the girl next door who he is peeping on still be friends with him and actually like, when she’s not beating him up all the time, is not one of those real life reaction. Then there’s the Miharu who is this alien girl, alright, her I can pass over on the way she acts for being an alien, for all I know that’s supposed to be how she is supposed to act on Seiren. But the main one is Kazuharu, a guy who is the most perverted guy on the show. He runs around groping all the girls, pulling up or down their clothes, and trying to make them his sexual slaves.

Not only do I not get how this guy is running around doing this but I don’t get why none of the girls or other guys are doing anything to stop him. Sure Kirie beats him up afterwards but then she goes right back to talking to him. The other girls just seem to take it as he does it and then continues along with what they were doing. It’s reasons like this that I started to find this show a little disturbing and lost any interest that I might have had in it.

As for the rest of the show, well it’s a odd thing also. Like the animation is done both well and poorly. The detail given to the girls, on making them look good and having them bounce around, is good but the rest of the show is just mediocre at best. It looks like the work was put into making the girls look good but anything else was secondary. There’s also the plot lines that just seem to be about these girls and how much trouble they can get in or cause for Yukinari. At times there are some funny lines and moments in the show but not nearly enough to make me like the show enough to say it’s worth watching.

Lee Roberts
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