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Golden Youth: Quiet Frame Wild Light

Quiet Frame Wild Light

(Golden Youth)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A typical day for me consists of these steps, wake up, read, watch some TV/movie, get ready for work, listen to some high energy, loud, fast, make you want to scream music to get pumped up for work, work, go home at end of work day, and wind down the day by listening to some mellow relaxing music. It's a simple routine, sure there's moments that change day to day, but mostly the skeleton of my day remains the same and music is always a key part of it. So finding the right music to get my days started and to end them is very important and actually harder than it sounds, especially when it comes to the mellow music. That's why when I sat down one night after work to listen to Golden Youth's new album Quiet Frame Wild Light I was pleasing surprise.

Golden Youth is a indie/alternative rock band that plays the kind of music that I like to unwind to, mellow, smooth, strong, and very relaxing. When I first listened to it I really didn't even hear any of the lyrics that where being said, I didn't know what any of the songs meanings where, and for all I know they could been 10 minutes long. All I know is that the sound being played softly and the ease of the vocals washed over me where I was feeling the music. I also have to admit I had a bad day at work so I was ready to be swept away and I was. After repeated playing of the album I actually decided to listen to the songs with my reviewer mode set to on and guess what? I was still impressed.

If you're wondering why I've given such postitive remarks about this album that to some might not be good because it is a mellow, calm set of songs, it's because there is such a mixture of sounds being played. On the surface the music is simple, with the lyrics being tender and soft, the vocals even softer, and the tempos that don't seem to go faster than a slow pace. But if you listen you can hear what is near a orchestral sound to some of the songs making the size of these songs larger than just a female lead and some instruments. I know some might call this album pop music but it's so far from pop that to call it pop would be like calling rock & roll country. The music, mainly the vocals, pull me into wanting more, and I did want more songs on this album, the songs that's there is just not near enough. It's a very refreshing, fun, and most of all relaxing album that sounds really good.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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