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Wicked Blood
Goodnight Tonight: Watch the Rain

Watch the Rain

(Goodnight Tonight)
Release Date: 
Friday, November 15, 2013

Pop N' Rock, Pop N' Roll, or maybe Rock N' Pop? While listening to the new album by the band known as Goodnight Tonight, I was trying to figure out exactly what genre of music this trio would fall under. This band from Kent, Ohio has some of both rock & roll and pop but with the edge the songs have at time this music could also be considered as being an alternative rock. Maybe Goodnight Tonight is going for the sound of being an alternative pop rock band? Actually, I'm going to go with that, Goodnight Tonight is an alternative pop rock band that has a new album called “Watch the Rain” containing 6 tracks.

This album opens up strong with the first song “The Only Thing I Know” where Emily Gambone takes her lead vocals and makes it sound like an 80's rock song. It has an edge to it, not a sharp one that would keep the song off the radio but enough of one that keeps it from being anything other than a good rock and roll song. It's when the other songs that play that the style of this music changes up and I was now having a squirmy time trying to pin down the exact genre of music being played. Though the songs do change tempo throughout the album from that 80's rock sound to an edgy pop song to one song that has some punk laced in with the rock and pop.

What I was hearing on this album is the rawness of the songs. All of the elements of these songs are raw and a little bit rough at times. But it's because of this reason the songs are good. If Emily Gambone had a smoother voice that didn't go off pitch with some of the vocals then it wouldn't sound quite as well as the songs do. Her voice is real, it's not pitch perfect, but it's one that I like because it gives thesongs a raw energy and a real sound to them. The lyrics are a little dark at times but they are also somewhat upbeat, when not being dark. These songs are stories, not sure whose they are or if they are actually real, but they sound like something that Emily Gambone knows personally. The other two members in the band, Holly Camp on the bass and Logan McNeal do a really good job at keeping the songs filled with some good energy in the instruments. They're not complex songs but they are songs that are played well, have emotional lyrics, and are just plain fun to listen to.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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