Goosebumps: The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight

Goosebumps: The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Running Time: 
66 minutes
Bonus Features


“The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight” – When Jodie and Mark show up at their grandparents’ house for vacation they start to realize something is wrong. Their grandparents are acting strange and it seems like the farmhand is calling the shots. Soon they find out why. The Scarecrows are coming to life at night and only the farmhand can control them somewhat.

“Don’t Go To Sleep” – Sick of being treated like a child Matt Amsterdam makes a wish that his life was different. When he wakes up his life has changed. He is now a famous hockey player and a surgeon; but he doesn’t know how to do either. Matt is scared of his new life and has to find a way out before he has to perform surgery.

“Calling All Creeps” – Ricky is picked on and wants it to stop. He takes out a personal ad in attempts to get back at a girl. Little does he know that creeps are something different than he could imagine. And now they are looking for him.

Not sure how these 3 stories tie together; but I have seen this happen with other “Goosebumps” releases. “Don’t Go To Sleep” is the weakest of all the tales on this DVD and the costumes in the other stories are on the weaker side even for “Goosebumps”. There are no bonus features; but that is how all the releases have been.

Review by Pandora
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