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Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales

Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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Mistery Book Journal #3

12-year-old Dipper and his twin sister Mable Pines have been sent to spend the summer with their Great-Uncle Stan in the mysterious Gravity Falls. Beliving their time with their Great-Uncle is going to be boring, the two quickly learn that Gravity Falls is a place that has some dark and spooky secrets. The kids discover mysterious things that bring wax statues to life, gnomes that could be zombies, and even ghosts that haunt a supermarket in the small sleepy town where supposedly nothing ever happens in.

Gravity Falls surprised me with how much fun it was to watch. When I read the back cover description I thought it was going to be a childish show that would be filled with what might be spooky to a 6 year old but stupid to me. It was nothing of the kind. Instead, the show is about a brother and sister who go around a town dealing with gnomes, ghosts, a monster in the lake, and other weird things. What I liked about this show the most is how much fun the episodes are to watch. Even though the show are geared for children, it has corny moments, but it's written really well, the art work is really good, and it has one very impressive opening.

Before playing the DVD I didn't expect I would laugh much at all but I ended laughing a lot at what was going on in the show. I liked how the kids called their Great-Uncle Stan Grunkle, not sure why but every time it made me chuckle. Surprising me even more was how well developed the characters are in the show. When they first introduce Grunkle Stan I thought he was going to be this mean old man that didn't listen to the kids but he ended up having a soft side to him and he did listen to the kids. Then there's Soos the handyman that becomes part of the gang because he has similar goals of finding out the strange events in the town like Dipper and Mable. Gravity Falls Six Strange Tales might be for kids but even adults can find this show interesting and fun to watch.

The theme of the show is mild as the kids just go around doing odd things. There's nothing that would be offensive in the show, unless you are possibly a gnome, which is why it can be enjoyed by both children and adults. I was really impressed with the opening where it looks more like a movie style opening instead of one for a cartoon. I also liked how the two main characters are twins that share similar interests but are also completely different from each other. While Dipper is a normal boy doing things like looking for ghosts, Mable is her very one unique person that does whatever makes her happy regardless of what anyone thinks. It's really the characters that make this show so funny and enjoyable. My one and only negative thing to say about this DVD has nothing to do with the show itself, it's that there were only 6 episodes on the DVD. It's basically a teaser because as soon as they where over I was wanting to watch another 6 episodes. This is a quirky show that has a lot of humor, good stories, fun characters, good art work, and a lot of laughs for both children and adults.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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