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Greek: Chapter 4

Summer vacation is over and a new semester starts at Cyprus Rhodes with Greek: Chapter 4, which contains the twelve episode second half of season 2.  Rusty, Calvin, and Rebecca, now sophomores, are full-fledged members of Kappa Tau, Omega Chi, and Zeta Beta Zeta, respectively, while Casey, Evan, and Ashleigh are beginning their senior year, and Cappie is meandering into the fourth year of his no-end-in-sight college party adventure.  Frannie is still scheming to bring the ZBZ girls down, the fall rush brings new drama and new faces, and relationships and characters evolve.

The weakest point of Greek: Chapter Four for me is the much-promoted addition of Jesse McCartney as potential pledge Andy because his character, used solely as a plot point, is never really fleshed out.  Johanna Braddy fares better as Jordan, as she brings out new facets in Rusty and adds some fun to the ZBZ house.  Max and Frannie both wrap up their stories in dramatic fashion and there is excellent development on the Cappie/Evan front.  Relationships, begin, grow, and end for different characters in ways that feel real and much like the college years I remember.  Through it all, the parties and laughs come fast and furious.

While the writing for Greek is fun and crisp with excellent pacing, the show’s biggest strength is its cast.  Not only are the core players strong with outstanding chemistry, the recurring characters are priceless.  The trio of Derek Mio, Aaron Hill, and Zack Lively as Wade, Beaver, and Heath make me laugh until I cry and Aynsley Bubbico is pitch-perfect as tell-it-like-it-is Laura.  I only wish the show’s budget were bigger so we could see more of the supporting characters more often.

The extras included on Greek:  Chapter Four, while not extensive, are great fun for fans.  There is a hilarious five minute blooper reel, an “At World’s End featurette,” where the cast brings the funny when asked what they would do if they knew the world would be ending in twenty-four hours, and a music video of Jesse McCartney’s “How Do You Sleep.”   There is also audio commentary for “From Rushing with Love” featuring insights from executive producer/and show creator Patrick Sean Smith, writer Matt Whitney, and actors Scott Michael Foster (Cappie), Amber Stevens, Dilshad Vadsaria (Rebecca) and Jacob Zachar (Rusty) and “Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood” with writers/co-producers Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin and actors Spencer Grammer (Casey), Scott Michael Foster (Cappie), and Tiffany Dupont (Frannie).  The video quality of the disc is good; while there is some grain, it’s not distracting.  Audio sounds great with crisp dialogue and well-balanced music.

Greek: Chapter Four finds the series hitting on all cylinders.  Character development feels organic and the storylines are deliciously soapy but never over the top.  Most importantly, the show continues to terrifically balance the dramatic and comedic elements.  There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and the many pop culture references add a good zing.  It’s also remarkably easy to care about the show’s changing romantic pairings, all of which somehow make sense.  Greek, as this set shows, really is the best of the ABC Family series, and I hope college stays in session for a long time.

Review by Michelle St. James