Groove Armada: Red Light Trax_Vol.1

Red Light Trax_Vol.1

(Groove Armada)
Release Date: 
Monday, September 5, 2011

GA are selling a digital download of their EP at their website for $3.99.

Groove Armada began as a House duo gathering attention after the release of At The River. As the duo progressed they began to lean more towards the full band spectrum and continued to find success, their last album Black Light being one of their most successful. As touring progressed things started to come together for the Red Light Tracks EP and its live audio/visual show. Word on the grapevine is that its pretty fantastic and that with the release of this new EP Groove Armada have moved on from the full band platform and back to the roots of their House music debut. With the media world seemingly reaching into the past for idea’s is this going to be more of the same or years of experience added to an already perfected formula?

The first track off of the EP is Pleasure Victim which brings me back. I was never that into House or Techno or Trance but I had my moments when I was younger. I stumbled upon a show at the Orange Pavilion not far from where I lived which combined live bands inside the venue and DJ’s spinning outside all over the fair grounds in half formed bubble set ups complete with a small light show set up. DJ’s like Ron D. Core and The Ostrich Twins spun that night and this first track is reminiscent of old school house. If you’ve never listened to House before you probably won’t like it. Its a basic beat, some looped samples, and a steady synth formula. It’s not for everyone.

Track Two, Oscillator One hints at a more ominous beat. The kind of tune that takes you places, allows you to lose yourself wherever you might be, and provides you with a fantastic dance beat. Seriously, it’s a hypnotizing track. Torrentes, which follows, is another good track that provides that hypnotizing quality with a bouncy synth line running down the core, a subtle hi-hat rhythm, and a sporadic amount of surface samples that pull at your attention. The EP is pretty busy in most tracks. Stevie Late Night manages to do the same, providing you with a trancy mixture of open ended beats mixing it up with a sudden break down that pops up occasionally in the tune.

The only track that I thought was a bit run on, maybe it was its seven plus minutes of run time, was RJ’s Theme, which had a repetitive quality about it and could have come form any era in House history. I gave it a shot, several times, but never thought I felt it. Four out of five isn’t bad though. If your familiar with this sort of music you should get nostalgic as well as be a little impressed by the fact it sound so throwback yet new. Really when it comes to this genre I have to admit that it takes an imagination to truly get into it. What some people may find repetitive blips and beeps others might find fantastic soundtracks for the what if’s and what may become. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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