Guru Freakout: Mothership


(Guru Freakout)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What is the music that you listen to when you just sit back and want to forget that the world is there? The music that can make you both get lost in a trance where you have no perception of time and at the same time can inspire you to want to do something creative. That music, at least when I listen to it, is the music that is being played by the band called Guru Freakout!. Their album, "Mothership", is an aptly named album because this music is all about the feeling of being spaced out. It's an all instrumental space jam set of songs and though there are only 5 tracks on the album, it will take you over an hour to listen to the whole thing.
I was amazed by this album by how well the songs are played and how from the instant they start playing I was sucked right into the world of the song, which don't happen enough in my opinion when it comes to music. Granted there are songs and bands that can make me like a song when I first hear it but to be able to fully emerge myself in the song and the album from the start is different. This album is out there, not as in it's out there for you to buy (which it is), but as in it's out there with the creative sounds that are being put into the songs. Though I say this is a instrumental album, it is, but on the last track there are some vocals that get mixed in with the song. I use that term lightly though because there might be the vocals of someone talking in it, it's not vocals as in someone singing as much as it being just another odd sound being used to enhance the way the song plays.
What I liked is how the music put me in this sort of trance that inspired me to want to write. I don't know why it hit me but as I listened to the first song, which clocks in at 31 minutes long, I hand a pencil in hand and was writing. By the end of the song I had a fair amount wrote and then it hit me that I was put into this writing trance by the sounds being played. There's a lot of different sounds being played, the guitar is noticeable in some but it's the dings, buzzes, bells, and other sounds that would fit in some futuristic space song. You won't rock out to these songs but they will get your attention with the way they are played. There's a undercurrent of energy to the song but for the most part they are a space jam band set of songs. They're fun to listen to and have some unique and catchy sounds being played that I enjoyed listening to. I know that when I want to get a little inspiration in my creative process, I will be playing this album.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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