Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Running Time: 
75 minutes

This is the story of Snow White after the evil Queen. While planning their wedding Snow White and the Prince journey to the woods to invite the dwarfs. However along the way Lord Maliss, the Queen’s brother, kidnaps the Prince. Now Snow White needs help to save her Prince and finds it in the most unlikely creatures. The dwarfelles, seven magical ladies each with control over an area of nature, come to Snow White’s aid.

I liked the illustration for this movie because it is done in a similar style as the cartoons I grew up on like Gummie Bears or He-Man. The story, though is unoriginal, weak, and very drawn out. The dwarfelles are not as enjoyable as the dwarfs, and they attempt to make this a musical. Children might enjoy this movie for the first little bit; but I feel they will lose interest before the full seventy-four minutes is up.

Review by Pandora
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