Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky

On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Running Time: 
118 minutes
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Commentary, Behind the Wheel of Happy Go Lucky, & Happy In Character

Poppy is a very cheerful, easy-going, school teacher. She enjoys trying new things and laughs off almost anything bad that happens. After her bike is stolen she opts to learn to drive seeing it as a fun adventure. But her lack of seriousness and up-beat personality makes her driving instructor crazy. As her journey continues you will see Poppy take on flamenco lessons, visit her pregnant moody sister, try to help out a troubled student, and meet a nice man that could perhaps be the right one for her.

Poppy is one of those characters that I found very hard to relate too. She seems to take nothing seriously and would rather make jokes, laugh at things, or do her best to get people to pay attention to her. Granted Sally Hawkins does a wonderful job portraying Poppy; but the character can be rather annoying throughout most of the movie. The story moves at a slow pace and other than her driving lessons and her troubled student the rest of the stories just seem like filler to kill some time. As the tension between her and the driving instructor finally come to a head I started to feel like the story was at last going somewhere. But when the movie did end I was left wanting a bigger conclusion than what I got.

I’m sure that there are those out there that will enjoy this subtle drama for what it is and see the characters rich in color. For me though I found the story to feel very long, Poppy hard to handle giggling her way through most of it, and an ending that felt like something was missing. If you are a connoisseur of drama I would suggest a rental for this one as it is an odd movie, and the drama is more light-hearted than most.

Review by Pandora
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