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Hart of Dixie: The Complete Second Season

Hart Of Dixie

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Besides being a series regular, Tim Matheson also directed a handful of season two episodes.

While its third season is currently airing, CW's Hart of Dixie recently released its complete second season on DVD.  When rookie New York doctor Zoe Hart's (Rachel Bilson, The O.C.) dream crumbles, she accepts a job at a small practice in Bluebell, Alabama.  Upon arrival, Zoe discovers that the person who hired her passed away suddenly and left half of the practice to her in his will.  The young doctor quickly adapts to her new environment and takes on an enormous responsibility while dealing with a bevy of small-town relationships.

The second season of Hart of Dixie opens with Zoe dealing with the repercussions following the season one finale.  Zoe finds herself waking up in bed with bartender Wade (Wilson Bethel, The Young and the Restless) after a hasty one-night-stand.  Meanwhile, lawyer George (Scott Porter, Friday Night Lights) leaves his fiance Lemon (Jaime King, Pearl Harbor) at the alter in hopes of winning over Zoe.  Confused about the predicament, Zoe confesses everything to her best friend and mayor Lavon (Cress Williams, Prison Break).  Devastated and wanting to carve her own path in life without the help of her father Brick (Tim Matheson, Animal House), socialite Lemon begins a frantic search for a job.  Season two also marks the arrival of Ruby (Golden Brooks, Girlfriends) who has prior history with Lavon.

Obviously directed towards a young female audience, Hart of Dixie is a high-production soap opera that feels like a grown-up version of a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel program.  None of the storylines are extremely original and the love triangle existing between Zoe, Wade, and George has been done to death.  The vast majority of characters are one-dimensional and play more like caricatures of southern citizens.  The program does have a tiny bit of comedic charm, but even that wears away rather quickly.  Fans of the the show will probably be disappointed to learn that this set features zero special features.  Even the most ardent Hart of Dixie followers will have a difficult time justifying a purchase when they could watch the show via streaming platforms at a much lower price.  Skippable.

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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