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L!fe Happens (BLU-RAY)

L!fe Happens

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Running Time: 
101 Minutes
Did You Know?

Kate Bosworth starred in Kate Coiro's following film, While We Were Here.

Actress turned director Kat Coiro writes, alongside Kristin Ritter, and directs this tale of single living as lived by three young up and coming women who are thrown a curveball when one them gets pregnant and has a baby. You can probably already guess what comes next as the typical baby humor stuff plays out; vomit, poop, breastfeeding, etc. When Mommy decides it’s time to jump back into the dating scene even more typical chick flick stereotypes emerge. In short, it’s not a great film and is filled with embarrassing moments such as the opening sequence after the introduction where we find Ritter and Kate Bosworth singing and dancing to Chamillionaire for far to long. It all just kind of heads downhill from there with this cast of b list actresses and probably c level actors who play opposite the leads.

Despite this being a newer film, having been released only in 2011, the picture quality for Life Happens is horrific. Grain simply drowns out the picture, there is a definite tug of war between the picture staying as HD as it can muster to going completely soft behind the aforementioned grain. Color is somewhat vibrant in exterior day time shots or high lit interior shots, but it gets washed out the lower the environmental light source. Just a God awful picture that isn’t helped by a film that doesn’t have much to offer.

Audio is more then adequate. The films musical soundtrack is given a great LFE output giving scenes where music is important a cinematic feel. Dialogue is crisp and never trampled. Immersion is excellent offering up ambient sound and chatter in the side and rear speakers during bar scenes and other key points in the film.



AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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