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Heaven's Lost Property Forte: Complete Season 2 - Limited Edition
Bonus Features:

Textless Opening and Closing Songs, Commentary, Trailers For Other Funimation Releases.

Back when Heaven’s Lost Property Season One came out I took it upon myself to watch the first few episodes over at Funimation.com, just in case I ended up being assigned to it. Even though I’m not a big fan of the harem anime genre the first few episodes of the first season had me rolling. Of course I was drawn in by the fact that the plot opens up kind of like Sekirei, that being one guy having a crop of busty beauties drop from the sky in which he has complete control over, and that of Chobits, in the Angeloid headgear design and similar guy holds power over beautiful girl plot and weather or not he‘ll be a complete perv with that power, which Tomoki truly is. Seeing as how I ended up not being assigned to review it the first three episodes were as far as I got with the series, I had no clue it extended to a second season. With that being said the series had to have been good to merit a second series right?

The Limited Edition set design of Heaven’s Lost Property Forte was pretty impressive. The discs come in a standard DVD case that houses two discs (the second disc on a flip style holder). The case fits into the usual hefty limited edition artwork cardboard box and has a filler art box that contains several cards from the show inside of it. Like other Funimation properties the intent is for you to have a spot to sit your season one case side by side with the season two case. So in that respect the presentation for the release is pretty awesome. Forte on the other hand didn’t really wow me.

The show picks up, presumably, where the first season left off. Tomoki is in charge of a relatively small harem of Angeloids which include his first Angeloid Ikaros as well as Nymph. In this season he keeps revisiting an ominous dream that suggests something bad is coming. His sort of friend Sugata, since being brought into the fold at the start of season one, is still plowing away at the information trying to figure out what the Angeloids are for and where they came from. His storyline takes us into some pretty interesting places that reminds me of a cross, in certain theories, of the His Dark Materials novels and The Matrix films. You have to sift through a lot of pointless silliness and breast fest fan service but eventually you get there. Of course the only problem is that once your there the whole substance of Forte gets bogged down by a complete deviation from the plot at every turn.

I get it. Heaven’s Lost Property is a show for those young anime viewers, and old ones too, that like to see good looking anime girls with big busts, revealing undergarments, and erotic playfulness. The show has no shortage of that, but by introducing such a deep plotline into the fold you’d think they’d want to explore it a bit more. Instead the whole plotline gets lost in a barrage of nonsensical episodes were Tomoki is a child sized boyperv, a tall handsome teenager who cares about women, a woman (seriously). Its like the show couldn’t decide if it really wanted to tell it’s complex underlying story or if it simply wanted to sit back and just let the fan service sell the show. It was frustrating and disappointing and worse it would appear there may be another season of the show coming eventually, since it never really puts a cap on the complex plot, which kind of makes a moot point out of the sets limited edition box that only holds two cases. In any case the show could have been great but once again I find myself disappointed by a harem anime that’s all flash and no true substance.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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