Helix: Season 2 (PREVIEW)

Helix: Season 2

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Fridays @ 10PM ET
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Friday, January 16, 2015

When there is there is a disease that threatens life, it's the duty of the CDC to fight it. Some of the diseases that they have to go up against are extremely dangerous and threaten all of life if it's left unchecked. A new and deadly virus has come to the attention of the CDC that has the potential of killing everyone if they can't find the cure. As the CDC goes to fight this virus, they find themselves on a remote island that is inhabited by a cult that has cut themselves off from the rest of the world. Though this cult might have good intentions for a perfect society but will their good intentions lead to death or is there something else going on here that the CDC don't know about?
Season 2 of Helix seems to be doing the same as the first season now it will be set in a different location. This show is about the CDC discovering a new disease/virus/plague that could kill everyone it touches and possibly the world and now they have to find the cure. Of course there's going to be the typical problems, where did it come from, what started it, is this man made or nature, and will they be able to find the cure or be able to stop it before it does wipe out the world? Though it is because of all this drama and mystery the show is interesting to watch. How the drama is being used, and I would bet how it will be used throughout the season, is done in a way that keeps the show from getting boring. Of course there has to be drama in the show considering that the plot is about the possible death of the world by some killer virus, but for me it's not the drama that makes this show interesting.
What makes this premiere of season 2 interesting, it's the mystery. I like having a mystery in some shows that I watch because it gets me more involved with the show. At times I do enjoy shows that just let me blank out where I just get a few jokes, I laugh, and when it's over I've already forgotten about what I had just watched. Helix is not that kind of show and that's the appeal for me. I like that I have to remember what I've been watching so that by the end of the season I've been taken on a journey where I've been trying to figure out what's going on along the way. This season also will introduce Steven Weber, you might know him from Wings or maybe not, but he's an actor that I've always liked. He's one of those underrated actors that does good but don't get as many roles as he should be getting. I also like that he will be playing the cult leader so hopefully they will write his character where he might not be all that good of a person so I can see how Weber does with a villain role. It's a new season and a new virus that's on a island, so far the new season has started off well.

Lee Roberts
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