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Hereafter (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Running Time: 
129 min.

When it comes to cinema, Clint Eastwood is at the top. He's done everything from acting to directing and has successfully captured the hearts of millions. Hereafter is Eastwood's latest release and unfortunately it didn't fair all that well in theaters. Can the Blu-ray salvage what's left or is it too late for this tale of the afterlife?

What stands out about the film is its subject matter. Hereafter deals with the events after a massive tsunami strikes Thailand, causing news reporter Marie Lelay to almost drown and have a near-death experience. After the recent events in Japan, you can't help but feel a chill running down your spine when watching the film.

The film deals with the subject of death and questions whether there is anything after it. Visually, Hereafter looks dull and washout. Color has been drained from the screen and characters appear lifeless. Whether this was intentional or not, it doesn't shine all that well on the Blu-ray format. The visual effects of the tsunami hitting the coast at the beginning do look great but that's about all that stands out. Couple the visuals with a drawn out storyline and you're in for a long two hours.

-The Eastwood Factor Documentary
-Focus Points
-Digital Copy

While it may not seem like there are a lot of bonus features, rest assured they are of high quality. The Eastwood Factor is a 90 minute documentary that follows the life and career of this critically acclaimed actor/director. Oh, it's shot in HD as well and even looks better than Hereafter.

Focus Points are something you can watch through the Special Features section or while the movie is playing, whichever you prefer. They are basically behind the scenes looks at how special effects were done or just Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon discussing the afterlife and such. They're actually pretty interesting and cover a lot of content not present in the film.

Overall, Hereafter is far from Eastwood's best work and fails to live up to expectations. The quality of the Blu-ray can go up and down but thankfully the special features keep it from completely bombing. Still, unless you're a big fan of either the film or Eastwood, I'd pass on this one.

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Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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