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He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You

In Theatres: 
Feb 06, 2009
Running Time: 
2 Hours, 9 Minutes

Relationships can be a tricky thing. Everybody's is different and He's Just Not That Into You takes a detailed look at Gigi's along with the relationships of a few others around her.

Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) has never had much luck in the love department. She continually wonders why guys never call and even goes as far as stalking a few of them. She can come off as somewhat crazy. No wonder why the guys don't call her. She begins to realize this when her eyes are opened by Alex (Justin Long), a bartender who has seen much of the drama associated with relationships and knows what to spot, aiding her in discovering whether guys are into her or not.

Gigi is not the only one who is having relationship problems. Janine and Ben (Jennifer Connelly and Bradley Cooper) are in the process of renovating their home but there are trust issues, leading to an infatuation between Ben and Anna (Scarlett Johansson). Anna is in the "friend’s zone" with Connor (Kevin Connolly) who wants things to be more serious. Whew, that was quite the mouthful. You also have Neil and Beth (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston) who have been in a relationship for seven years but decide to end it when Neil refuses to marry her.

This is just the beginning of a snowball of events, some leading to happy endings while others don't. Romantic comedies can be a difficult thing to pull off. If it's too funny, then you can't take anything serious. On the other hand, if it's too serious, then it can be depressing for some, after all, relationships can be a touchy subject. He's Just Not That Into You does an excellent job at showing both the good and ugly side of love. I'm sure we can all relate to at least one of the relationships presented in the film. Serious moments are eased with bits of humor but you still see the entire message presented.

There is quite the all-star cast with this one. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Scarlett Johansson; the list just goes on and on. While the main focus of the film is on Gigi and Alex, you see plenty of the others and their troubles. Scarlett Johansson, aside from being sexy, does a great job and Justin Long comes off as both a complete tool and a caring person. It really takes the whole film before you make your full judgments on each character and you see who they are as a whole.

He's Just Not That Into You may be considered a chick flick for many but it's actually a great film. Sort of along the lines of P.S. I Love You, the film gives good insight into relationships and love. Of course, basing your entire love life off of films is something I would not recommend but it does make you think about it in a different light. I definitely recommend getting out and seeing this one.


Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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