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Hetalia: World Series 2 Season Four - Limited Edition


On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hetalia. I’ve always considered it to be a show mainly created as fan service for the rabid anime fans who have fallen in love with the voice talent of the Funimation crew, the appeal of pretty boy anime, and all things cute. I haven’t enjoyed much of the show but for some reason World Series: Season 4 had me rolling with laughter and enjoying myself, probably a bit more then I should have been.

In this season Britain is imprisoned in Italy and being watched over by Germany (even though Britain constantly finds a way to escape), Spain does his best to look out for Romano (even though he suffers for it), Germany gets into the fitness routine (at the expense of his love for beer), Sealand is in there as well, and Hetalia gets all Neko happy. Regardless of whose where and what their doing the storylines are hilarious and the voice over work is spot on. It’s so offensive yet so forgivable. So historical yet completely blown out of proportion. In short it’s so, so wrong yet somehow oddly right. If you’re a fan of Hetalia you’ll probably tell me this is the way the show has always been and that I’ve just been missing something. I probably won’t argue with you on that. I guess it’s off to Netflix to add Hetalia back into my queue to see if I’ve been wrong all these years and it just took this hilarious season to get me on track. Either way I had too much fun with season 4.

Bonus features included in this season include 5 commentary tracks, Textless songs, Trailers, and a whole other DVD loaded with extra’s that can only be found here on the U.S. release. This season also comes with the, now completely routine, bonus bandana. This one is orange with rocket ships, characters, and stars.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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