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Hinterland: Series 1


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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Bonus Features

The myths behind episodes 1 and 4, behind the scenes clips, Welsh show reel, and photo gallery.

Recently relocated to Aberystwyth from the Metropolitan Police force, DCI Tom Mathias (played by Richard Harrington) is quickly put on a new case of murder. His new job as a detecitve in Aberystwyth will have him facing some very challenging cases of murder and mystery. What Mathias finds in his new home is that life can be very cruel and it's his duty to find the person responsible for some of that cruelty in the world. With the help of other coworkers and friends, Mathias uses his skills as a detective to hunt down killers and solve what seems unsolvable.

What does Hinterland have that other mystery detective shows don't? There's actually a few stand out differences between regular crime shows and Hinterland that make this show one that I enjoyed to watch. One main difference that this show has is that instead of being a bunch of different episodes with the characters trying to solve different crimes, Hinterland is only 4 episodes long. Now that might sound like it's not much but each of the 4 episodes are an hour and 40 minutes long. Instead of being set up like a typical show where we get the start of the crime happens and then it's over with having no real substance, Hinterland makes each episode like a movie.

This show is drawn out because of how long each episode is and it really does feel more like a movie instead of television series, but it works well for the show. I enjoyed that it was as long as it is because it gives the show time enough to really develop the characters, both the main ones that are in each episode and the characters that only appear in the one episode. Having the characters and plot as developed as they do in just the first episode is another reason why this show is different than other crime series.

Each episode has is own little twists and turns as the plot progresses along. Some are still a little bit of a mystery to me, like the background of the main characters of DCI Tom Mathias. We get some backstory to this characters but not that much. Why was he sent to Aberystwyth in the first place is one of the answers I never got. Maybe I missed it but I don't think it's ever given. Could be they want to hold of on given away everything about the character but I think that it would have helped me to like the character a little more if I knew more about him. There are a few moments that the show would drag on but it's not for long. I like all the different locations that's being used on the show, it gives me a chance to see a place in the world that I'll probably never get to see in my life. One other aspect that Hinterland has over some other crime shows, some good acting being done by the cast. Richard Harrington does a good job of making his characters smart, thoughtful, and also a mystery himself. Hinterland is not an action show but it did keep me interested while watching it.

Lee Roberts
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