Hollywood Treasure (PREVIEW)

What do you get when you mix "Pawn Stars," "Cash in the Attic," and TMZ?

"Hollywood Treasure" from SyFy. Thankfully, this is one reality show that doesn't appear to be scripted. At least not that much.

Joe Maddalena and his group of auction experts from Profiles in History, one of the top auction houses for pop-culture memorabilia, know how to find these rare and wonderful pieces. If they don't know, then they know people who know. There is nothing this group won't do to procure rare and key pieces and get their clients the best price. How awesome would it be to find something in your basement that you think is from a movie and then get $95,000 for it?

So awesome.

It's a fun show that takes you down memory lane and makes you wonder where these collectors get $100,000 to own a model of something from a movie?!? A few of the items up for bid in the first two episodes are the Jupiter II space pod from "Lost in Space," Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag, and THE Wicked Witch of the West's hat. THE HAT!

It was a lot of fun screening these two episodes, and the screener package was just as great: full of colorful pictures and backstories for several of the items offered in the show.

"Hollywood Treasure" premieres October 27 at 10pm and 10:30pm on SyFy, just in time for Halloween.

Review by Jennifer Isbell