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On Blu-Ray: 
Friday, March 23, 2012
Did You Know?

In the first scene the Easter island heads or Moai are shown facing out to sea, but in reality All Moai on Easter island face inland with their backs to the sea. ~ IMDB

I remember watching Hop with my kids back when it first came out and thinking at that moment that even Twilight, any of those terrible films, did not look so bad right then. The film is horrible borrowing almost all of its key plot points from any number of holiday specials. The movie fails at being funny and pretty much comes straight at its audience with a kitchen sink formula of inappropriateness which includes body jokes and innuendo’s. Simply horrible.


I went in thinking that since Universal and Illumination Entertainment had done such a bang up job with Despicable Me that Hop would at least look good on BD. I was wrong. I take into account that DM was an all CGI affair which is far easier to manage when it comes to getting the specs right for a Blu-Ray delivery and Hop is a mixture of CGI and live footage combined. In that sense the picture quality isn’t all that bad, but also not that great. There are moments of complete clarity and then there is the obvious signs of struggle as the film attempts to bring the two worlds together. Colors get an obvious drain on their potency and grain becomes a factor, while not completely distracting, once you know it’s there it’s hard to not notice. Skin tones are decent and when colors pop they really shine. It’s just a mish mash of decent and awesome with some gray area’s in-between that make Hop an unbalanced film.

I was pretty impressed with the audio portion of the film. The sound spectrum gets some good use including rear and side speakers. Dialogue does have a few hiccups but for the most part it’s a crisp affair that works well. LFE is fantastic giving life to the would be wondrous world of the Easter Bunny and his chick helpers.

~U Control Features
~The World Of Hop
~Phil’s Dance Party: When you read on the cover of the film that included is an All-New Mini-Movie they really mean it, it’s mini. Coming it at just 3 minutes this special feature is less then special.
~Being The Bunny: Russell Brand talks himself up about being picked to play E.B.
~All Access with Cody Simpson
~Russell Brand - Kid Crack Ups
~Games: How quickly I burnt these out.
~Carlos on Carlos- The Hop Premier According to Carlos
~Emotion In Motion- The Dance of Ken Daurio
~DVD Copy
~Digital Copy

After irking through the movie for the second time, as well as the bonus features, I have to say that this release seems like a terrible ploy to get the film home video capital during the Easter holiday. The film made loads of cash and maybe parents will remember how awful it was the first time and know better the second time around. I fear any chain of events that would bring us a sequel to this floppy eared critical flop.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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