Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin

Regular Air Date: 
Mondays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Monday, October 13, 2014

“Jane the Virgin” is a new TV show on the CW network that will airing on Mondays at 9pm starting October 13. The show revolves around Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and her family, who love their telenovelas or Spanish TV soap operas. As the title suggest, Jane is a mid-twenties virgin that somehow gets pregnant in the most complicated and unsuspecting method possible without actually doing the deed. How does she get pregnant and who is the baby daddy? You are going to have to watch the show to find out. Shakefire had a chance to watch and review the pilot episode a whole 3 months in advance before it airs and I felt torn on my feeling towards “Jane the Virgin.”
The pacing of the show was all over the place and might need some fine tuning. For instance, in some scenes, there is not much going on while there are other scenes where there are too many things happening and several crossing storylines making it a bit difficult to focus on one thing. Also, some the humor and the jokes were hit or miss and sometimes borderline stereotypical. Lastly, I think they should have casted a better looking cast. I’m not saying the cast of the show was really ugly or gruesome, but some heartthrobs or people that were better actors would have been to their benefit. However, the story was intriguing enough to at least make me want to watch the next couple episodes to see if they remedy the show’s issues, but also to see which direction they take Jane and her family. For those reasons, I am giving this TV show a “C.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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