Kelly Clarkson: Stronger


(Kelly Clarkson)
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Monday, October 24, 2011

If you’ve read any of my reviews that have anything to do with American Idol you already know how much I loathe that show. Still, I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the performers that have come away from that show and found themselves releasing music, winner or not. On that note Kelly Clarkson was the first real big success story, in my opinion, from American Idol that went on to release anything memorable. She is a talented singer and obviously has a well oiled production team behind her to supply her with the kind of edge that she needs to remain competitive in the music world. So my question is what happened here?

Don’t get me wrong. Stronger, the name of Kelly Clarkson’s latest release, is a well polished little piece of pop with all the bells and whistle’s of any respectable pop submission (but try not to hold that against it, let me do that) and Clarkson’s voice is as capable as its always been. Unfortunately the album, lyrically, is repetitive garbage, the likes you would find on any Taylor Swift album. While the album says Stronger its content screams insecurity. The majority of the tracks on the album are either in the vain of a woman telling her boyfriend he is not good enough for her and doesn’t deserve her, how badly she doesn’t actually want him to go, how well off she’ll be when he’s gone, how much she just wants to be loved. Make up your mind Clarkson. Worst on the album is Einstein which boasts a terrible chorus of Dumb + Dumb equals you, which even has a soulful backing choir to emphasize its terribleness.  

Musically, like I said, the album is everything a pop album should be in today’s market. Its got a cross genre sound to it from pop rock to hip hop to experimental (sort of). Really its just a bunch of hat tricks that I’ve become accustomed to over the years with pop fast becoming the dominate genre of music over the airwaves. It sounds as it should in short, very well pieced together by the hard working behind the scenes people of wherever but at the end of the day its an album that suffers from a kind of mediocrity that is the mother of all guilty pleasures. Well worth checking out to see if its for you but there’s just no getting past the same old, same old quality of the writing on the album. As always final judgment is yours.  


AJ Garcia
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