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Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2

Running Time: 
1 Hour, 53 Minutes
Bonus Features

Alternate Beginning, Unshot Scene featuring Big Daddy, Hit Girl Attacks featuette, Extended Scenes, and more.

Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has stopped being Kick Ass but in doing his life has become boring. Wanting to get back into being a super hero, Dave gets Mindy Macready aka Hit Girl (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) to train him to be a better hero. Everything is looking up until Mindy decides to stop being her alter-ego leaving Dave alone in his crime fighting. Not wanting to be on the streets alone Kick Ass joins a group of other superheroes to make the world a better place. At first they do seem to be making a difference, but with the forming of a superheroe group, there's a forming of a supervillain group led by the once hero Red Mist, Kick Ass's once partner and friend Chris D'Amico (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse). A war has now started between the costumed heroes and villains where people are being killed just for knowing Kick Ass. They might have started being heroes to make the world a better place but it seems that being a hero has only made the world a worse place.

Chloe Grace Moretz gives another good performance with her role as Hit Girl as well as Aaron Taylor-Johnson being Kick Ass. This movie has decent acting where the characters are believable, the ones I'm supposed to like I did and the ones that were supposed to be bad showed they where. There's a few well known actors in this movie like Jim Carry and John Leguizamo who play their characters well, not their greatest performance they've given but they do put some effort into their roles.

Even though this movie is a sequel it's still pretty original. It's based off the comic of the same name that was also the sequel to the first series where it shows what it would be like in the real world to be a superhero. I like how they show that something like this would not be possible and that in trying to do so there would be consequences that where terrible.

This movie is a dark and violent movie with people getting killed and a lot of fights. Kick Ass 2 is not lacking when it comes to the graphic violence and some might say it was unneeded, in fact Jim Carry who played the character Colonel Stars and Stripes said that this movie was extremely violent. He would be right but it's a needed violence. This is supposed to be set in a real world where there are no actual superheroes so the consequences of trying to be one would not be like what comic books would have you believe. One person, no matter how good a fighter or strong, going up against a group of 5 guys with knives is going to get hurt or more likely killed. When someone goes after a gang that gang is going to retaliate and the outcome is going to be bloody. That's how this movie shows the violence, a real world violence that shows how what the characters are doing is crazy and dangerous.

I watched this movie at the theater and now on Blu Ray and I was impressed with how good this movie looks. There are a lot of vivid colors being used throughout the movie where the colors are bright and sharp. This is another good example of how fine detail can help or hurt a movie, in which case it helps because the fine detail is clear and looks good. I liked the depth of field being given in the scenes and how the environments look real instead of being stages. More impressive is the aduio levels that never get to high during loud moments or too low when there's dialog. I set my television to one level at the beginning and never touched the remote again.
There's also some good special features on this Blu Ray but not as many as I would have liked to have seen. With this movie having so many cast members walking around in costumes and considering that Donald Faison was in this movie, I would have figured there were some good joking going on at the set but there's no blooper or gag reels on this Blu Ray. There is a alternate beginning,  a scene featuring Big Daddy that wasn't shot, and some extended scenes but as good as these are, I wanted a gag reel.



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