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Killer Contact (PREVIEW)

Killer Contact

Jack the Ripper and Vlad the Impaler Dracula
Regular Air Date: 
Wednesdays @10PM ET
Air Date: 
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five paranormal investigators want to find some answers to whether or not there are spirits/ghosts in the world with us. Only these 5 people don't want to talk to the normal spirits that might be haunting homes and businesses, they want to talk to historical spirts. Follow along with Austin Cook, Hector Barragan, Adam Leidenfrost, Molly O'Connolly, Greg Niecestro as they try to commuincate with the spirits of the women that where killed by Jack the Ripper and evidence of Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula. The team of 5 will go to the different locations around the world to find out why these places are being haunted and if they are truly haunted by spirits of history.

Killer Contact at first had me interested when I first thought that the show was going to be more about the facts, stories, and experiences of Jack the Ripper and Dracula. Instead what this show is, is another reality show about paranormal investigators who try to capture some sort of spirit on film/sound. Granted, this time it's a bit different with them going after infamous people of history that where killed. Both Jack the Ripper and Dracula already have a following and interest with people, one being a unsolved murderer who killed, brutally, 5 women in 1888 and the other is Dracula, the most famous vampire in history.
What does this show have that others don't? Except for the fact that they are investigating the Jack the Ripper murders as they try to talk to the women he killed and Dracula, this show is the same as all the others. There's a lot of night vision video work, the cast is going around in rooms where they hear or see something that spook them, and unexplained happenings during the show. Like the camera shutting off on them while trying to capture the ghost of one of the women that Jack the Ripper killed and accounts of people being pushed, touched, talked to, and seeing ghosts walking around. If it wasn't for the fact that the topics are famous historical figures I wouldn't have found this show interesting at all. It's just another paranormal show that tries to get spirits on camera and yeah it does have a spooky factor and it did give me the chills a few times, it's more annoying then interesting.
Here's what hurt the show the most, the camera work and all the filler that's used. This show is shot with way too much camera movement. It's all over the place, from moving from one side to the other, zooming in and out, bouncing, and just not staying still at all. I'm fine with a little of this kind of style of shooting and hand held shooting does have some movement, but this felt like someone gave a camera to a toddler and set it on record. I get why they do this, it's because if the camera was left on a static shot where it's not moving at all on the the cast talking it would be boring. The movement gives the illusion of action and drama, but it also is annoying and can get nauseating. I also didn't like the filler, which is them talking to each other about what they are doing, what is going on, talking to some people that have stories, but it's nothing of importance. I would have liked to heard some facts instead there's little about the facts and mostly it's all about them repeating themselves about what they think is going on and what they think might have been going on. If they take away the amount of filler that's used of the cast talking to just show them doing the investigating, this show would only be a half hour show. It might also have moved along quicker and been a little more interesting. It has a good idea with going after historical figures but it's really no different than any other paranormal show. 

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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