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Let It Shine

Let It Shine

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Friday, June 1, 2012

 “Let It Shine” is a Disney movie that is great as any of its Disney movie counterparts.  The movie stars Tyler James Williams who is also the star of the popular television sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris”.  Tyler plays Cyrus, who is a preacher’s kid who moonlights as a secular rapper.  His best friend, Kris (played by Trevor Jackson), is a rapper who isn’t hiding the fact that he wants to be a successful rapper.


The twist in this storyline is that Cyrus is a better rapper and lyricist than his friend Kris.  But since Cyrus’ upbringing is in the church, his father cannot see the importance of Cyrus representing how he feels about the world in his raps.  So, in the meantime, he plays the choir director to his father’s congregation while secretly writing rhymes and making music in the background.


Now, there’s a song contest with a popular Pop artist, Roxxie (played by Coco Jones).  Now Roxxie is an old friend of both Kris and Cyrus, so when she gets a contest entry from Cyrus a.k.a. Truth, she is excited and instantly they’ve won.  Now, she thinks that Truth is Kris since Cyrus sent in the contest submission with a photo of both friends.


The rest of the movie spills the details of how the misunderstanding is revealed.  The best thing about this movie is that the rapping was pretty good.  The writing was clever, age-appropriate but wasn’t cheesy.  Now, to a rap fan, this is a tough feat since hardly anyone gets ‘acting’ as a rapper in a movie quite right.  I loved this movie.

Zione Michaels
Review by Zione Michaels
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