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Lucius: Wildewoman


Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the band Lucius has release a debut album called “Wildewoman”. Though, some people might claim that they are nothing more  than a pop band but I would  have  to  disagree with anyone  that  would  say  that. Lucius might be a group that would be put in the pop genre of music but  their songs are more than just some bubble gum wrapped sound that would be played on the radio. It could also be said that Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are Lucius and though the two women do sing vocals on the songs together, they are only a fraction of what makes Lucius a good band.
It might be that this group sounds like a retro girls band or that they sound like a  modern band that knows how to  make pop music sound different and good but either way Wildewoman makes  for a good debut album. This band has charm that was almost impossible to not like listening  to their music. Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig both have really good voices that I liked as soon as I hear them sing.  As my older brother has said for some other bands, their voices are  like butter which is due to them being able to sing together as if they were one. These women have a  good connection  with  each  other that gives the songs and their voices a nice harmony. For me this debut album was worth listening to just for the vocals of  these two women. They have smooth, sexy voices that I just want to listen to.
Though,  the instruments being played  on this album is nothing to sneeze at either. There are some very catchy beats being  played  for pretty much the whole album. I've used the word quirky to describe some  other bands before  but Lucius really  is a quirky band. Then again a  good way to describe  this band would be by saying they have their own unique sound that's been influenced by some past girl bands but also a sound that  is current. I liked how the songs  really don't sound alike  yet the band is able to keep the feeling of fun in all their songs. From playing  songs  that are  quirky and upbeat to ones that have a romance to them, Lucius has a good talent to keeping variety to their sound.  Wildewoman is an album that for  me was liked from the first time I listened to it but even for some  that might try to fight it, this group can quickly grow on you with their vibrant energy and easy flowing songs.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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