MacGruber (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Friday, May 21, 2010
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 30 Minutes

Like a majority of SNL films this one isn’t great but just entertaining enough to watch once and then forget about. I went ahead and took on the Unrated version which sports an extra 4 minutes of whatever it was Will Forte and his writing buddies thought was humor. Relying on a gross out factor, subtle comedy, and just all kinds of line crossing MacGruber is a kitchen sink event that misses, a lot.

For being such a bunk film it managed to get a very fine BD release. The clarity of some segments go well beyond excellent offering up an opportunity, if you see fit, to count the many chin hairs of the films hapless hero. Definition is acute especially in facial features, clothing, and buildings. There were a few scenes that that did not live up to par with the run of the film but honestly I think they only looked bad because they were wider exterior shots with so much more to look at than the more superior interior close up shots that made them seem less fine. Audio started off a little iffy since MacGruber and Colonel Faith both spoke in very low tones and amid the bass filled environment of the audio it simply seemed drowned out a bit but as the film progressed dialogue and environment sound meshed well together and offered up a fantastic theatrical sound. Such a shame this is one of the better BD deliveries and the film is so poor.

* 1 short deleted scene that offers up absolutely nothing.
*Gag Reel which runs about 8+ minutes which has a few chuckle worthy moments but works as a one time view and that’s about it.
*Feature Commentary with Cast and Crew. I didn’t bother.
*BD Live
*Pocket BLU
*DBox Capability
*Both Unrated and Theatrical Versions

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