Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL

In Theatres: 
Jul 01, 2015
Running Time: 
130 minutes

Magic Mike XXL picks up three years after its predecessor where Mike bowed out of the stripping for love and a settled lifestyle of carpentry. Now we find the remaining Kings of Tampa likewise ready to leave stripping behind, but not without burning down the house in one last blow-out performance at “The Stripper Convention” in Myrtle Beach. And what would this last blast be if they didn’t have the legendary headliner Magic Mike sharing the spotlight with them?

Having only seen about half of the previous Magic Mike while in a drowsy haze, I didn’t expect the sequel to be much different. Perhaps it would hit that elusive “so bad, it’s good” mark and be great to torture friends with (much like how we turned Fifty Shades of Grey into Fifty Shades of Grey Goose). Besides, seeing this incredibly attractive guys do incredible things with their bodies would be stimulating at the very least.

I am ecstatic to be so wrong. MMXXL is a great time, hilarious, and fun. It’s a bros-on-the-road film that doesn’t denigrate women while being super sexy (well deserved R-rating) and has tremendous heart. This sequel is everything the predecessor promised to be but actually delivers. It is a truly winning combination and the laughs are just as big as the biceps.

Keeping the plot and character’s desires simple helps ground the film in genuine emotion and taps into the desire everyone has to find their place and expand their horizons. Channing Tatum is a total charmer. His performance as Magic Mike plays to Tatum’s strengths of vulnerability, humor, and dance.

Gather your pals who appreciate fantastic pairs of body-rolling abs post haste!  As Magic Mike says to his romantic interest, “Somebody stole your smile. Let me help get it back for you.”  And that’s exactly what MMXXL does.

Maria Jackson
Review by Maria Jackson
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