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Matt Pryor: Wrist Slitter

Wrist Slitter

(Matt Pryor)
Release Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013

When talking about musician Matt Pryor the conversation would not be about only one band he's in. Ever since coming onto the music scene back in the 90's, Matt Pryor has worked with multiple bands like The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, and The Terrible Twos while also having his solo music. His music has ranged from punk to pop and now with his new album Wrist Slitter, Matt Pryor continues with a youthful and energetic style of music. Wrist Slitter is Matt Pryor's fourth solo album as himself to be released since 2008. On the album there are 12 tracks being done in a indie pop style.

At first I didn't think this album was going to be a pop album. On the first track "The House Hears Everything", the music being played is jazz. What I thought was this was going to be was a old style jazz album that would make me want to be in some seedy night club with smoke and low lighting. How I was fooled completely and taken aback when after a minute of the old jazz being played out came a fast, peppy, very modern electric guitar and lyrics. This switch was so sudden and so different from each other that I thought that my player had for some reason flipped to some other band. Once I realized that the song was in fact the same song, I had to start it over again to get a better idea of this one song that was really 2 different songs, only short, being played. I liked it and I instantly got expectations that Matt Pryor would be playing this wide range of songs and sounds on Wrist Slitter, which I wasn't too disappointed with this expectations.

On the third track, "Wrist Slitter" I thought the songs was going to be sounding the same indie pop rock music but this song would fit quite well in the mountains. There's a banjo being plucked away in this song and the tempo of it is one of a country mountain song. For the most part the vocals are the one that don't have much of a change and are also the only portion of this album that I would have liked tweaked. Vocals have a higher pitch at times that are being sung in a tempo that any other teen pop rocker sings in. It's nothing that great or stands out. Once I got past the vocals I found myself starting to enjoy the album. There's a good amount of energy in the songs as well as being youthful. Matt Pryor has a certain charm in his music because even though I would usually change the station with similar songs I found myself tapping my foot to the fun beats. As a side note before I ended this I'm not quite sure what the title Wrist Slitter is supposed to be about. Let’s not hope it's what it stands for?

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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