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Matt Stevens: Lucid


(Matt Stevens)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A new album has been released by the guitarist Matt Stevens called "Lucid". This is an album that features 11 tracks of music that's all instrumental with the focus being on the guitar of Matt Stevens himself. While the songs are all instrumental and guitar driven there are other instruments being playing on the album. Including Matt Stevens there are 10 musicians playing instruments throughout the album, not all on the same songs but spread out on different songs. Even though the artists are the ones that make the songs, what stands out the most are some of the instruments being used on Lucid that gives this album a unique sound.
Even though this is an all instrumental album, it's one that's very different than most instrumentals. In fact I was talking to a friend the other day where I said that most instrumental albums are ones that are an orchestra, a soundtrack, or a mixture of the two. In the case of Lucid by Matt Stevens I've found that I will be eating those words because his album Lucid can't be put in those classifications. While listening to this album I kept thinking of this being an album that features songs that either had lyrics at one time or could easily have some added. However, these songs don't require any lyrics/vocals put to them and because they never started with any I was able to focus solely on just listening to the sounds being played.
Which I enjoyed this album because of all the different sounds and instruments being used on Lucid. One such instrument is the pipa, a popular Chinese string instrument, has been put to use on this album. There's also the violin being used, keyboards, and a vibraphone being used along with all the usual suspects like the bass, drums, and of course the guitar. Aside from one song being nearly 12 minutes long, the other 10 songs are average time but play quick and they kept my interest. Matt Stevens plays really well on the guitar and having the added instruments on the songs have given the songs all a different sound. Amazingly enough, with there being 11 songs that are all instrumental, they all have a different sound, beat, and tempo to them. It's because of this change in sound that each song was able to catch my attention instead of turning into one continuous song. It's a fun album, there's good beats being played, and I do like the different instruments being used. Lucid is low key when it comes to the energy being put in the songs, there's enough to keep my attention but it's music is more suited for causal listening rather than at a dance club. Still, Matt Stevens has put out a well organized album that has different sounds being used in ways that make this instrumental album sound more like a rock/jazz/folk album with no lyrics.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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